Theresa Ann Sowell Lassiter, AKA “Momma Tee”

“Momma Tee” was born the eighth child of William G. Sowell and Rosetta Morgan Sowell. She was one of nine children reared in a family household of parental emphasis on the Lord and Savior ship of Jesus Christ. As a result it is evident “Momma Tee” and siblings were “raised with Jesus.”

From this familial background the ‘seeds of activism” would take root. However, true spiritual germination for her present growth in “grass roots” community activism is the result of a torrid and trying season of early adulthood. God use this period of spiritual ”stormy weather” to transform her from the soil of Satan’s weeds to one of “God’s, radical activist seeds,” and grow to His Glory in the City of St. Petersburg!

Momma Tee’s natal day was October 27, 1955. She was educated in Pinellas County Public Schools, namely Melrose Elementary, 16th Street Junior High, and St. Petersburg Senior High schools. Further, matriculation at St. Petersburg College, she earned her A.A. Degree in Paralegal Studies. She is the mother of four children; La Twanya, Kendra, Holly, and Herman.  In addition, being the proud, grandmother of Imani, Omari, Makayla, and Deviji’on.

Momma Tee, has served as the “Grassroots Community Activist” since 1996, and she speaks up and out for injustice, lends herself to help people with life issues they are confronted with. In April of 2000, she decided to begin her own 501 ©3, Successes Unlimited Women & Youth Business Center, Inc. a non-profit organization and worked to gain Federal status, in 2003.

Following the Riots of 1996, while serving on the Weed & Seed, Prevention Intervention Committee she created and organized with the Police Department the 1st Back to Basics Family Fun Day Festival to unite the community and the police. Momma Tee, has organized Town Hall Meetings to attempt to unite the Community as One working in harmony with the Law enforcement and City Government and Pinellas County School system.

On August 6, 2016, Successes Unlimited, hosted and partnered with the St. Petersburg Police in hosting the 2nd Annual Battle of the D.J.’s – “How to Prevent Crime in the Black Community?” In September of 2016, Successes Unlimited will host and celebrate 13 years of providing the community and Tampa Bay area with the “Law fest Workshop & Community Fair” where individuals can come and receive one-on-one counseling with lawyers from every area of the Law.  For the past two years, Successes Unlimited has hosted “A Community Conversation” where children and adults discuss the problems and suggest solutions to dealing with Crime, Economic Development and Education in the community. She believes that Education is key and available to every child and adult if one only tries.

Jesus’, words immortalizes true meaning of servant hood, “…whoever is chief among you, let him be servant of all…” Tee’s words she seeks to immortalize through activism, “a Voice for the Voiceless.” Momma Tee, is a servant for people, and chants “It’s all about the People, and it is All about Helping People.”